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The Spiritual Warrior of Non-Violence

The root of all Dharma practice is non-violence. The practice of non-violence is as follows: when people inflict violence upon you, you do not retaliate with violence. If somebody insults, criticizes or strikes you, and you do not retaliate in kind, such a practice is non-violence. The practitioner who can do this is a spiritual warrior.

~Sangpo Rinpoche


We should cultivate a sense of contentment, a sense of satisfaction, which is followed by less involvement in complex activities. Cultivating simplicity in one’s life brings calmness and simplicity to one’s mind.

~Sangpo Rinpoche

Rejoice in the Virtous Deeds done by Others

The fundamental principle of Buddhism is to truly believe in the cause and effect.

Our human life is precious, so do not let disturbing emotions arise due to our and others’ ignorance. Obstacles can only be eliminated when we let go of afflictions.

Self-grasping leads to sufferings whereas compassion brings happiness.

The positive way to show selflessness is to rejoice in virtuous deeds done by others and do not feel jealous of other people’s accomplishments.

~Sangpo Rinpoche

The Nature of Greed

The nature of greed is that the needs are few but wants are many and one is never content with what one has, still attempting to possess more and more.

Therefore, we should learn to treasure what we have, and do not obtain what we don’t have by using force.

~ Sangpo Rinpoche

The Auspicious Buddhist Festival Time in Tibet

Good morning, dear students and Dharma friends!

Today is the 1st day of 4th Tibetan month. It is the beginning of the most auspicious Buddhist festival in Tibet. During this month of Saka Dawa (19/05/2015 to 16/06/2015), the effects of positive and negative actions are multiplied by 10 million times.

So let us engage in virtuous activities such as paying homage to Buddha, meditation, chanting mantra and prayers, generating compassion and bodhicitta etc. Dharma practice is strongly recommended in this month.

All virtuous deeds will bring powerful blessings, helping accumulate merits and purifying obscurations. Thus, we should not waste this rare opportunity.

~Sangpo Rinpoche

Buddha Shakyamuni mantra:
~Om Muni Muni Maha Muniye Soha~

Staying at Ease

Try not to cling to things or situations of the present.

The persons who you want to get rid of today, or hate the most, may one day become the ones who bring you the greatest accomplishments. Whereas the ones you love, and do not want to separate from, may be the enemies of past lives.

If we understand and are deeply convinced of the law of causality, we will naturally know how to create positive karmic affinities with others, accept the changing and impermanent nature of life, and thus stay at ease under all circumstances.

~ Sangpo Rinpoche ~