Loving-kindness and compassion bring the biggest wealth

Our mind is compassionate by nature. I encountered many obstacles this life and once lost everything overnight. But my mind remained calm and peaceful because I faced the gains and losses with a detached mind. It seems all material wealth is lost on the surface, but loving-kindness and compassion in our hearts bring the biggest wealth and greatest strength to our lives.

~An excerpt from the book “Crystal Clear Mind” written by Khenpo Sangpo Rinpoche~

The Nature of Greed

The nature of greed arises from the fact that the needs are few but the wants are many. One is never content with what one has, always attempting to possess more and more. Therefore, we should learn to treasure what we have, and not try to obtain what we don’t have by force.

~ Khenpo Sangpo Rinpoche ~

Understanding the Law of Causality

Try not to cling to things or situations that we see in the present. The persons who you always want to get rid of now or hate the most may one day become the ones who bring you the greatest accomplishments. Whereas the ones you love and do not want to separated from may be the enemies of past lives. If we understand, and are deeply convinced of the law of causality, we will naturally know how to create positive karmic affinities with others, accepting the changing and impermanent nature of life, and thus stay at ease under all circumstances.

~Khenpo Sangpo Rinpoche ~

Avoiding the Trap of Hatred

When someone harbors resentment, he or she is creating the causes of suffering, and is even unaware of the painful consequences of negative karma. Therefore, we should be compassionate to that person and not fall into the same trap of hatred.

~ Khenpo Sangpo Rinpoche ~

The Real Value of Life

If we only use money, wealth, fame, status, and power to measure the value of life, then if one day when some of these external material are changing and lost, we will be stuck and feel great pain. This is bound to happen because all things are constantly changing. Not understanding this, will be a cause of pain.

The real value of life is not only money. The real value of life lies in developing the heart, grow inner strength, to develop compassion and gain wisdom. This results in a life existence with real meaning.